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Something went wrong

A RedBack Exception error occured while initializing the RedBack Object:

In rgwOpen [Rocket U2][UODOTNET - UNICLIENT][ErrorCode=81015] The connection has timed out Source: UniObjects Class Method: IBMU2.UODOTNET.UniSession FindSession(Int32, Boolean, System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate) at IBMU2.UODOTNET.UniPool.FindSession(Int32 pTimeout, Boolean sslmode, X509Certificate clientcertificate) at IBMU2.UODOTNET.UniObjects.OpenSession(String hostname, Int32 port_number, String userid, String password, String account, String service, Int32 min_poolsize, Int32 max_poolsize, Boolean sslmode, X509Certificate clientcertificate)

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